Cow colostrum proudly produced in New Zealand by New Zealand Trade Merchants Limited

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is a total manufacturing and quality assurance system that sets the standards for operation of the entire company. GMP is internationally accepted for the production of quality products. Each batch of products contains the documentation requirements to provide a traceable history of the production and distribution.

GMP manufactured products have the widest market opportunity, highest levels of safety assurance and will:
* be fit for their intended use
* not place the user at risk
* conform to all the statutory legislation and guidelines
* comply with the requirements of the marketing authorization

Products produced to GMP specifications command the highest levels of confidence and are reliable and safe. Test methods will have product-specific validation, cover active and excipient ingredients, and ensure no matrix activity that could contribute to false negative or false positive test results. Product release and sale decisions will not be made on invalid results that could have serious downstream consequences.
Bovine (Cow) colostrum used in Colostrumhealth's laboratories are located in Auckland, New Zealand.  We only use 100% bovine colostrum in Colostrumhealth's powder and capsule products. While 100% colostrum is used in the tablets, there is a need to include a combining compound and flavourants when manufacturing tablets.

New Zealand colostrum is manufacturing in facilities certified by international quality auditors to ISO 9001:2000 standards
* encapsulation and bottling is carried out in laboratories which are New Zealand Ministry of Health GMP Certified
* both the New Zealand cow colostrum and capsules carry Halal certification.
Colostrumhealth's product quality certification
The GMP certified laboratory is fully NZFSA & MAF certified.
Important certification regarding New Zealand absence of BSE (mad cow disease). It is a fact that New Zealand has never had a single case of this disease. Another plus for this country's dairy industry and assurance that the dairy products are not infected with this disease. Click on the logo on the right to see a New Zealand MAF (Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry) statement confirming this.
Halal certification
BSE disease
Both the bovine colostrum and the gel capsules carry Halal certification. To view the certification please click on the logo on the right. The certification has been made by the N.Z. Islamic Process Management Division
Colostrum health's products are bottled in New Zealand to GMP certification and standards
New Zealand Trade Merchants Ltd's Colostrumhealth is made high protein bovine colostrum powder. Compared with other bovine colostrum products, this is far the most expensive as is highly refined and contains high protein and low lactose levels. This is New Zealand bovine colostrum of the highest quality. The colostrum is manufactured to international 9001: 2000 quality standards in New Zealand. The certification has been undertaken by New Zealnd govenment appointed agencies to the internationally recognised standard: ISO 9001 : 2000 for the following goods and services: * the processes (from dairy material receipt to despatch) involved in the development, manufacture, packaging, palletising and supply of casein, milk protein products, specialty powders, hydrolysates, lactose, whey products, cheese, colostrum products and dairy material for further processing. The operation of storage and despatch facilities including industry drystores and coolstores. The design and development of dairy material and products.
ISO 9001: 2000
Certification for the production of New Zealand colostrum products

Colostrum - natures first food. Promoting a healthy immune system. Helps fight infections and immune related diseases

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