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Colostrum – the natural way to heal your body

Colostrum has been used for centuries as an antiviral and anti-bacterial supplement to support the body’s immunity. Today it is regaining recognition for its ability to help the body balance its immune system. Research carried out over the past two decades has shown that colostrum is also one of the most important nutritional supplements available for enhancing and helping in tissue repair and cell renewal.

Scientific evidence now shows that pure colostrum, a completely natural product, helps improves gut health by re-creating a beneficial environment within the intestine. This super food is believed to enhance the regeneration of stomach and gut cells, and reduce the intestinal permeability to bacteria and viruses encouraging optimal health.

The natural way to grow, repair and regenerate tissue

Colostrum is natures first food for mammals and contains high levels of immunoglobulins, the self-defence mechanism by which the body fights infection, as well as valuable growth factors that signal growth, repair and regeneration of tissue
It is a rich source of beneficial components, immunological factors, anti-inflammatory factors, gastrointestinal health factors, growth factors, antioxidant and anti-aging factors.
Colostrum today is regaining recognition for its ability to help boost our immune system and help the body fend off viral and bacterial infections. It is considered helpful in alleviating the symptoms of influenza and the effects of some types of allergies and auto-immune diseases. It helps balance blood sugar levels and increase mental alertness and assists with weight loss - specifically, acceleration in the burning of fat.
Colostrum slows the bio-clock
By Elmari Cara

The potential for the growth factors in Colostrum to assist repair and regeneration of tissue in people of all ages, has gained much interest lately. This natural product is widely considered by scientists to help slow the aging process and assist with healing the body. Strong evidence exists of its remarkable neurologic and immunologic properties.

Why we age and what we can do to help stop the clock

While children tend to recover quickly from injuries and ills, adults take much longer. A child gets a bruise and it heals within a matter of days. Older people, on the other hand, can take weeks to recover from injury.
Scientists believe this delayed healing in adults is because our system of stem cell release from the bone marrow into the bloodstream slows down with age. This makes us vulnerable to health problems and injury, and adds to the aging process.
Today, stem cell renewal is considered the most important factor in stopping the aging and degeneration process taking place in our bodies.
Adult stem cell therapy is still not readily available in the Western world. However, scientists have found that the growth factors in Colostrum offer a natural vaccine that helps activate stem cells release and hence assist your body’s regeneration process.
Also, there is some evidence that the proline-rich polypeptides or PRPs found in Colostrum offers strong benefits in neurologic health and may help reduce the effects of Alzheimer’s Disease. Preliminary research has shown marked improvement in cognitive skills in patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s Disease.
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Not all colostrum products are equal - ensure you are getting the best colostrum. Pure New Zealand bovine colostrum powder and capsules from Colostrumhealth™.
In today’s competitive sports world the margin between achieving gold and missing is smaller than 1%. Athletes worldwide are searching for a legal supplement that will give them this marginal edge and help enhance their performance, protect their bodies from overtraining and assist in recovery.
Exactly such a supplement is found in colostrum, now regaining recognition in a world rearing from the overuse of antibiotics and sulfa drugs. This is nature’s antibiotic - rich in anabolic and energy-enhancing compounds that have a positive effect on performance and effectively assist with recovery.
Colostrum is the first food produced by all mammals to provide their newborns with a boost in life. This rich milk-like substance contains a variety of essential nutrients, immunogobulins, growth factors and amino acids. Bovine (cow) colostrum is found to be totally compatible with the human body, and is getting increased attention as the must-have supplement for winning athletes. Some athletes suggest that colostrum might have a direct, positive effect on their performance.
The news about colostrum has also been good in performance-enhancing studies that have appeared recently in scientific literature. The growth
factors in colostrum have been found to benefit athletes by increasing stamina and, due to its tissue healing properties, speeding up recovery from injury.
An increase in nutrition uptake that supports muscle power
The insulin-like growth hormones and growth factors in colostrum support athletic performance. Unlike the peptides in banned anabolic steroids, the anabolic peptide IGF1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor) is bio-available in colostrum.
Research shows that IGF1 is far more anabolic than synthetic compounds, even steroids. It increases the uptake of nutrition by the cells and signals to the muscle to manufacture more muscle cells and muscle protein. This helps athletes to increase muscle power and performance.
IGF 1 is not the only growth factors present in colostrum with anabolic properties. For example, Interleukin 1 (IL1) is a modulator, but it also produces basic fibroblast growth factors that help repair in muscle and tendon injury. Other growth factors like EGF and TGF A&B, coupled with IGF1, have been found biochemically unsurpassed in their role in cartilage and muscle repair, therefore shortening recovering times after strenuous training and competitions.
Improved performance, quick recovery and tissue repair
At the Centre for Research in Education and Sports Science, at the University of South Australia, a double-blind, placebo controlled study found a group of endurance athletes receiving colostrum continued to improve their performance capacity after four weeks, while the performance of the placebo group reached a plateau. By the eighth week, the colostrum group was running further and doing more work than the placebo group.
During strenuous exercise we can cause tiny tears in our muscles. Studies have proven that when testing groups took colostrum they significantly reduced their time for recovery and repair. The IGF 1 is the best known compound for repair of cartilage and muscle. In the same way, people going for surgery or recovering from illness and injury can benefit tremendously by taking colostrum. It will speed up their recovery and assist in faster wound healing while strengthening their immune system to ward off any further infections.
Making sure that you get the best source of this wonder food

There is enough evidence to prove the benefits of colostrum. However, finding unadulterated and pure colostrum can be challenging. The greatest benefit is offered by pure 100% colostrum powder with no milk powder additives and flavouring.

New Zealand produced colostrum is considered the best in the world. It is collected from year-round pasture-fed cows that are hormone-, antibiotic- and pesticide-free, as well as free from “mad cow” disease. And because New Zealand colostrum is never frozen and is processed at low heat, the sensitive bio-enzymes are preserved, offering optimum nutrition.
Colostrum benefits athletes by increasing stamina and, due to its tissue healing properties, speeding up recovery from injury.
Bovine Colostrum pushes that winning edge
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Colostrum increases the uptake of other supplements and nutrients from food
Colostrum can restore normal homeostasis in the intestines as it assists in healing the lining of the intestines, restoring the level of good bacteria and destroying the harmful viruses and bacteria. The bowel plays an important role in our general health; with our lifestyles and alcohol intake as well as overuse of antibiotics we find an increase in bowel related difficulties and diseases. Leaky gut and irritable bowel syndrome mainly caused by exposure to viruses, bacteria and yeasts and the more serious conditions for example Crohns disease as well as Chronic fatigue syndrome, Cystic fibrosis, Fibromyalgia and many other auto –immune diseases are now believed by doctors to originate from the bowel.
Colostrum promotes the re-growth and re-colonization of the good bacteria in the gut to help fight off harmful pathogens and viruses, further more the growth factors in colostrum assists in restoring the mucous-covered intestinal lining repairing the bowel for optimal function. A healthy gut forms the foundation for great health as it can protect us from toxic and unwanted pathogens and viral invaders.
It also dramatically enhances the assimilation of nutrients from food as well as other supplements we may be taking.

Colostrum - natures first food. Promoting a healthy immune system. Helps fight infections and immune related diseases

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